Outdoor Furniture Fabric 101

Best Fabric for Outdoor Furniture There are so many types of outdoor fabric on the market, but information on how to choose the best fabric for outdoor furniture applications can be hard to find. Quality is fundamental, but so is matching the right fabric to the job. That’s where research and education matter — and […]

How To Clean Outdoor Cushions

It’s not always easy to keep outdoor furniture pristine and ready for guests. All it takes is one spilled glass of red wine, a hot dog dropped ketchup-side down, or too much greasy sunblock, and suddenly your once-beautiful patio furniture is loaded with stains. Add in the humidity that comes from the occasional shower or […]

How to Transform Your Outdoor Space in a Few Simple Steps

With today’s current situation, we can’t think of a better time to update and spruce up our outdoor living space. Summer is just around the corner, and since we’re all at home with more time on our hands than usual, now is the time to consider new ways to enjoy being outside—while still practicing social distancing, […]


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