New Trends to Update Your Outdoor Space in 2021

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There’s nothing quite like the beginning of a new year. Fresh starts give us a chance to reflect, reorganize and start off on the right foot. 2020 was a unique year in particular, with many lessons learned and perspectives shifted. It was also the year where we were required to be creative with our time at home, and we moved outside for fresh air and new views.

Now that the year is over, many of us realized that we welcomed that extra time outside with loved ones. But it’s also time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. What better way to shed 2020 while hold on to what we learned by sprucing up and redecorating our outdoor spaces? If you’re needing inspiration for the New Year, we sat down with one of our designers, Angela Bloodworth, to hear about what we expect to see more of in 2021, what’s inspiring her, and tips for updating your outdoor space.

Which predicted trend do you expect will be the most popular for outdoor spaces?

Angela: “COVID19 is still sweeping through the country bringing on harsh restrictions in our states to help slow the spread. Because of these restrictions, people are spending more time at home than they ever have before. The outdoor space has become two things: an oasis for those seeking quiet spaces in rambunctious households and a place where families can safely gather during this unprecedented time. People are starting to reimagine their outdoor spaces as seamless extensions of their interior. It has become one of the most popular rooms in the household. I saw a lot of interior inspired outdoor accessories trending in 2020 like outdoor rugs, modern outdoor lighting, the use of natural materials, and minimalistic but also functional furniture. This trend will continue in 2021 with a new focus on ways to make your outdoor space completely customizable with outdoor décor.”

Which trend are you most excited about for 2021?

Angela: “The trend I am most excited for in 2021 is the “coastal style” for outdoor spaces. I am seeing a lot of minimalistic furniture with accents of blue and white upholstery. Navy continues to be an important color for outdoor but with this coastal trend, I expect to see more variations of blues and blue-greens. Textures like Linen, Jute, and Rattan are also important with a mix of weathered woods that are both light and dark. Classic striped accessories like blankets and pillows are popular with a nod to neoclassical style outdoor lighting.”


What are a few GeoBella fabrics that you would use to create looks for these trends?

Angela: “For me personally, my outdoor space is a calming place where I can relax and disconnect. I gravitate towards warm neutral textures with pops of soft colors like sky blue and spa greens. Pairing these colors makes my space feel like my own personal oasis. Fabrics like Largo Sky, Melbourne Sky, and Kiki Nougat are some of my favorites! They are graphic in pattern but walk the line of a cozier traditional feel.”

Are there any tips you have to inspire homeowners as they freshen up their outdoor spaces for the New Year?

Angela: “If I had to give one tip to creating a fresh outdoor space, it would be to not be afraid of color! Color influences our emotions. For people who don’t want to make a commitment to a certain color palette, start with a neutral base cloth for your cushions so you can interchange pillows/pillow fabrics throughout the year! It’s all about creating a space that best suits you, and sometimes we want a place for relaxation, and other times we need show stopping style.”

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