Brown Upholstery Fabric by GeoBella®

Outdoor Fabric by the Yard

GeoBella® brown upholstery fabrics are anything but boring. They offer unique patterns in trendy neutral shades that create a simple and earthy feel in your outdoor space. Rich, dark chocolate browns are achieved in patterns like Hobnob Tobacco while medium warm/cool browns like Vibe Ash and Milestone Walnut are great to pair with additional accent pillows. Patterns like Nantucket Chestnut and Flora Shitake brown floral upholstery fabric utilize warm browns mixed with creamy neutrals. Whether being used as a simple neutral or setting the stage to be dashing, GeoBella® brown outdoor fabrics are an excellent choice.

Outdoor Furniture Fabric Features


  • 100% Olefin
  • Stands up to the wear and tear of the elements
  • Abrasion resistance

Eco Friendly

  • Manufacturing process for GeoBella is eco-conscious
  • Fibers can be re-extruded into new yarn up to 10 times

Water Resistant

  • Able to resist the penteration of water
  • Wicks moisture
  • Air-dries rapidly

Fade Resistant

  • Engineered with built-in UV resistance

Check out more information on GeoBella features here.


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